Hey there, I'm Abriana.

On a quest to determine my purpose in this life and to help others do the same, I have developed several passions that guide the work I do. Check out my most important work below.

Black Unicorn Creative

Brand development and consulting for agriculture and equestrian businesses


Brand discovery, design, and consulting services for businesses looking to transform their industry.
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Cowgirl Camryn

Activities, books, and curriculum for elementary-aged horse lovers

Join the herd

Grab a Cowgirl Camryn book and get ready to get into some shenanigans as she and her herd navigate farm life.
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Black In The Saddle

Acknowledging the impact and influence of Black people on the horse industry.

more than a podcast

What started as a podcast in 2019 has now evolved into a digital media platform and community. Tune in to an episode and join in on the conversation.
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A Letter to You

Someone once told me “I love your ability to reinvent yourself over and over. Even if it isn’t much different, it is always better.” This comment had me speechless before a quick “awww, thank you!” and made me think about how reinvention may seem like a giant hurdle for some. 

If you are on this page, you are likely in search of something different. You are tired of the box you are in and you are frustrated with the outcomes you worked so hard to achieve, yet reinvention seems like a lifetime away.  I’ve been there… more than once.

This is your permission to switch it up.

I quickly grew tired of how sterile and stale the agri-equestrian industries operated with the ‘good ol’ boys’ at the top and the ‘boss babes’ right behind them. This frustration blossomed into a host of passion projects turned movements that introduced diversity, challenged current beliefs, and fostered a sense of belonging in communities that I could relate to. 

I want this for you.

Whether it’s speaking in front of 800 outdoor educators or stepping into the lab to design brand guidelines, I ensure that people feel seen, heard, and empowered to do something about it. 

Let’s make some magic.

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